Serenity beyond words... and
beyond your dreams

Santorini, with never-before privacy. Luxury, without pretense. An intimate escape, made to order just for you.


Luxury... reinvented

A unique vision of hospitality has come to life on Santorini, one of the most cherished islands in the world. With peerless views and unprecedented privacy, EROSANTORINI—an exclusive-use Estate on two glorious cliff-top acres—offers a bespoke retreat for up to ten adults and four children, with seamless, anticipatory service provided by a dedicated on-site team.

The best of Greek gastronomy, made to order and prepared with the freshest homegrown ingredients. A wealth of activities, onsite and off, curated to suit your moods and interests. And a blissful immersion into the best of Aegean island life, at once lavishly warm and exquisitely simple.

EROSANTORINI represents the best of all worlds for a discerning and fortunate few. It combines the most desirable elements of a luxury resort, an exclusive private villa, and the welcoming home of a beloved friend. The result is a vacation experience that is truly meaningful and unforgettable, like none you have known before.


A Greek treasure

Greeks have a word for this feeling of boundless, unpretentious hospitality. It is philotimo—a word that defies translation, yet captures a whole constellation of values that lie at the very heart of the Greek character. From the roots “philos” (friend) and “timi” (honor), philotimo contains an element of pride: in self, in family, in home, and in action. Yet at its core, philotimo is about warmth, welcome, and the humble wish to share generously. To live for something larger than oneself. A word beyond definition—for an experience beyond imagination.

The ineffable spirit of philotimo is what makes EROSANTORINI truly unique. Once experienced, it will stay with you for a lifetime.


Just imagine...

Escaping to a place where you feel immediately at home. On a breathtaking hilltop high above the tranquil sea, you are welcomed like family and pampered as a cherished guest. Free to do nothing but relax with your loved ones, in total privacy.

Imagine feeling that this extraordinary place has come into existence exclusively for you. With your happiness as its inspiration. Your interests the only agenda.

The fantasy is a reality at EROSANTORINI. We welcome your highest expectations.

Discover the immersive experience of EROSANTORINI.

EROSANTORINI is island living at its purest, with indoor and outdoor spaces gloriously intertwined.