Artfully creating memories

Utterly relaxed, yet absolutely indulgent.

Every wish graciously and unobtrusively fulfilled.

Introducing a hospitality team as miraculous as our setting.

Our hosts

From the moment you arrive and throughout your stay, EROSANTORINI’s resident hosts are on hand to make your every desire a reality.

Our team will welcome you like a lifelong friend as they introduce you to the myriad wonders of this very special place. But their effusive warmth is only the beginning. They bring an acute expertise and passion for Greek culture and gastronomy, with a sommelier’s degree and a breadth of knowledge born of an experience in luxury hospitality in Greece and abroad. 


Learn more about the spirit that inspires and guides our hospitality team, philotimo.

Our chef

For more than 15 years EROSANTORINI’s Executive Chef has graced the kitchens of top restaurants in Greece and worldwide. So he not only understands the challenge of satisfying sophisticated international palates—he thrives on it. His passion for Greek culinary tradition, and his unwavering commitment to bringing out the best in each ingredient, comes through in every morsel served at EROSANTORINI.

Chef and his team design menus daily based on guests’ personal tastes and cravings, showcasing the finest offerings of the region, from fish caught that morning to vegetables and delicacies from the local market; step into the kitchen for a hands-on cooking lesson under the open sky; or simply sit back, relax, and let the flavours of Greece—in the hands of an incomparable chef—work their magic. “Nothing excites me more than taking my guests on an extraordinary journey of tastes,” states passionately. “I want to give each guest the most unforgettable food experience of their lives.”


Raise a glass

Toast your good fortune and the miracle of your surroundings with fine local and international wines curated by our master sommelier, or signature EROSANTORINI cocktails and other summertime favorites prepared by our Estate mixologist.
Awaken your tastebuds, and all of your senses, to the very best of what Greece has to offer from the land, the sea, and the vine.

Exclusive travel concierge

Rest assured that every activity on or around Santorini and her neighboring islands is available to you, thanks to the guiding presence of the Estate’s expert, full-service travel concierge team. From shopping and gastronomic adventures to private helicopter or deep-sea excursions, a customized tour or outing is yours for the asking.

Discover the wonders of Santorini, all waiting to be explored from our private Estate.