EROSANTORINI Debuts as the Island’s Most Exclusive Resort Estate

EROSANTORINI’s vision of “true luxury” is built around four pillars:

  • Unrivaled Location: Tucked away on a cliff 1,000 feet above the Aegean, this utterly unique property offers the most breathtaking views on the planet, capturing Santorini’s iconic whitewashed villages, epic sunsets, and vibrant land and seascapes.
  • Pure Privacy: An idyllic perch, away from the crowds yet with all the pleasures of Santorini within easy reach, EROSANTORINI offers an intimate island experience to enjoy with family, treasured friends, or esteemed colleagues.
  • Unbridled Nature: Spanning two acres and accented with lush indigenous flora and fruit trees, EROSANTORINI’s living and gathering spaces are meticulously designed for optimum enjoyment of the magnificent outdoors.
  • Philotimo: A word that defies translation, even as it embodies a quintessentially Greek philosophy of boundless hospitality and rapture for living, philotimo is the true secret of EROSANTORINI.

“Our lives have become so complicated,” explains international business executive and EROSANTORINIfounder Pavlos Kontomichalos, CEO of Hellas Group. “We want to offer guests an opportunity to exhale, retreat, and reconnect with each other in the unique private haven we have created in this unforgettable setting. We truly believe in philotimo — a word that embraces the finest elements of Greek culture, generosity, and passion for life. Every guest’s stay will be unique, curated around their specific needs and desires. We want to help them experience the absolute best of Greece all in one setting. Our ultimate desire is for this profound experience to remain in our guests’ hearts forever.”

This vision, brought to life in EROSANTORINI, is quite simply the best of all worlds for the discerning and fortunate few. The year-round Estate combines the most desirable elements of a luxury resort, a private villa, and the home of a very privileged friend, resulting in a bespoke, yet unpretentious vacation experience that is truly meaningful and unforgettable.

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